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She was very friendly to me as all the Ladies got into the Limo, I watched as each one showed there stocking tops as they climbed inside.

The bar was fully stocked just how Mrs Smith had asked the pick nik basket was...

She acted shocked that I would suggest such a thing, but I knew the gears were turning in her head. Continue» Well it was a few weeks after the Derby and it was Royal Ascot, well I had been booked again to take six ladies up to the races on Ladies day by Mrs Smith this time the Ladies where all very posh and I was to keep my chauffer cap on with white gloves and my suit had to be just right.

Later she said, "You remember that question you asked me earlier? Mrs Smith had not invited Mary on this trip, I’m sure she knew we where having an affair.

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He changed his direction and walk to dune where he spread his towel and sat down about six metres away from us. Ignoring me, he asked Erika if she would like some. He took a couple of steps towards her, which meant he was less than an arm length away from her.

The beautiful cock was so tempting, but she had never been in this situation before and she was unsure of herself.

I was so turned on by her temptation, I was desperate to see Erika's dainty hand reach out and grasp it.

A couple of days latter Erika and I began to walk along that same beach, but as I said previously, it was along way to the far end. There was a small dune at this point, backed by a low cliff, so we found our way to the top of the dune, laid our towels out, put the sun shade up, and stripped off.

After the previous adventure I thought Erika would be enthusiastic to do the walk, but to my disappointment she said that half way would be far enough along. During the morning, apart from the occasional people walking up the beach, we didn't see anyone.

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